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We are India’s Most Loved Linux Training company. Winner of Best Red Hat Linux Training Certification Partner for 7 Years. Imparting High Quality Linux Training since 11 years. Delivering Red Hat Linux Training Certification India with Maximum Number of Red Hat Certifications in North India.
Live instructor led online Linux training, delivered using Cisco enterprise webex. Interact with your trainer, see live practicals, slides, share your screen & ask for recording of your sessions. 50% training cost, compared to USA, UK & Europe pricing. More Than 10500+ Red Hat Certified Engineers, worldwide, are testimony of our high standards in delivering Linux training. Learn More

79000+ Fans and Counting

We are the only Linux Training Institute in India, Connected to Over 79000 Linux Professionals. Linux Professionals on our Social Platform. We Share Tips, Tricks, Hacks, News, Videos & Updates Related to Linux on Network NUTS Facebook Page and YouTube Video Channel, which has over 500000 views worldwide.

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With over 79,000+ Fans and counting, Network NUTS is the Most Loved and Trusted Linux Training Company in India.

Red Hat Certified Engineer: RHEL 7

RHCE Training on RHEL7. RHCE Training and Certification is the First Step towards Linux Administrator Career.

104 Hours

RHCE Training on RHEL7. Learn survival skills needed by Linux administrator. 3 Modules-RH124, RH134, RH254. MORE DETAILS!

Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator

RHCVA Training & Certification. Learn Enterprise Virtualization on Red Hat-RH318

32 Hours

Learn Deploying & Managing Virtual Machines in a Big Enterprise using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.MORE DETAILS!

Red Hat Server Hardening

Red Hat Server Hardening Training-RH413. Securing Red Hat Linux Servers to Comply With Security Policies

32 Hours

Learn Authentication Concerns, Red Hat Errata, Auditing & Logging, File System IntegrityMORE DETAILS!

Red Hat OpenStack Administration

Red Hat OpenStack Administration-CL210 Training. First Step towards Cloud Infrastructure Management

24 Hours

Learn to Deploy Linux Servers on Cloud Using Red Hat OpenStack as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). CL210 Training.MORE DETAILS!

Red Hat Storage Server

Red Hat Storage Server Administration-RH236 training for Cloud Storage Needs - RH 236

16 Hours

Learn How to use Red Hat Storage Server for Cloud Storage Needs using Scale Out Architecture. RH236 Training.MORE DETAILS!

Red Hat Clustering & Storage Management

Red Hat Clustering & Storage Management - RH 436.

32 Hours

Learn to Manage & Configure Red Hat High Availability Clusters (conducted by Red Hat)MORE DETAILS!

Red Hat Performance Tuning

Red Hat Enterprise Performance Tuning - RH 442

32 Hours

Learn How to Analyze system & Networking Performance, & Tuning Configurations for Specific Application (conducted by Red Hat)MORE DETAILS!

Red Hat Enterprise Deployment

Red Hat Enterprise Deployment & Systems Management - RH 401

32 Hours

Learn Concepts & Methods Necessary for Successful Large-scale Deployment & Management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux®MORE DETAILS!

Puppet Fundamentals

Manage Linux Servers using World's Most Widely Used Configuration Management Tool.

24 Hours

Master the Concept of Puppet Master & Puppet Agents to Manage Linux Servers. Future of Linux Server Management. MORE DETAILS!

Chef Fundamentals

Learn to Manage & Automate Configuration of Linux Servers using Chef Management Tool.

32 Hours

Automate & Manage Linux Servers using Chef Management & tools such as Git, Knife, Chef Shell, Vagrant etc MORE DETAILS!

OpenLDAP Administration

OpenLDAP is an Open Source Directory server that provides network clients with centralized authentication.

32 Hours

Learn to install, manage and configure OpenLDAP Directory Server for Centralized Authentication.MORE DETAILS!

MySQL Database

Most Popular Open Source Database Management System.

32 Hours

Database Concepts & Terminologies. Administering, Configuring & Managing MySQL Database Management System. MORE DETAILS!

PostGreSQL Database Administration

Learn Most Popular Open Source Database Management System.

32 Hours

Database Concepts & Terminologies. Administering, Configuring & Managing PostGreSQL Database Management System. MORE DETAILS!

Linux HA Clustering

Learn How to Build Powerful Linux Clusters for High Availability.

32 Hours

Learn Practical Open Source Linux High Availability Clustering Training on Physical Servers. MORE DETAILS!

Securing Linux Systems

Learn How to Secure Linux Network Server Applications for Secure Communication.

48 Hours

Learn and Improve Security of Your Linux Operating System and Common Application servers like FTP, DNS, SSH etc. MORE DETAILS!

Nagios Core Administration

Nagios Core, is an Industry Standard for Network Monitoring Hosted on Unix-like Systems.

32 Hours

Learn How to Build a Monitoring Framework to Make Checks in a Consistent Manner & to Alert People & Systems of any Problem.MORE DETAILS!

Bash Shell Scripting

Learn How to Automate Linux Administrative Jobs using Bash Shell Scripts.

16 Hours

Interested in Shell Programming, Writing Shell Scripts to Automate Everyday Tasks or Serve as System Utilities. MORE DETAILS!

GIT Version Control

Learn World's Most Widely Used Version Control System: GIT.

20 Hours

Interested in Learning about Version Control System. GIT is Distributed Revision Control and Source Code Management (SCM) System. MORE DETAILS!

MariaDB Database Administration

Learn the fastest growing & latest open source database administration

32 Hours

Learn Installing, Configuring, Securing, Using and Maintenance of MariaDB Database. MORE DETAILS!
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What Else? We Also Offer Online Linux Training

With Network NUTS you have two options of getting your Linux training. Online Linux Training option allows students a quick, cost effective and time saving method of getting their generic Linux training and Red Hat Linux training certification. But that’s not all, when you enroll in for Network NUTS online training. We will create an ftp account for you, on our servers and you will get the recording of every session delivered in your ftp account, just for you!
  • Cost Effective – 30% Cost, compared to USA and Europe
  • Proven Technology – Cisco Enterprise Webex for Online Training
  • Recording Facility – Recording of each session delivered in the student’s ftp account on our servers
  • Live Interaction – Talk & Chat with the trainer. Ask question. Talk to other participants
  • Live Labs – Experience live server configuration done by our trainers
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Most Popular Online Courses

We are conducting classroom based Red Hat Linux Training Certification and Linux Training for last 11 years. And since last 2 years we are delivering Online Linux Training. The response is overwhelming and our most of the students are from USA, UK, Australia, Middle East and India. We have already delivered above 1000 hours of Online Linux Training. These are the most popular courses among our online students.
Puppet Fundamentals 44%
RHCE 19%
OpenLDAP 15%
OpenStack 12%
Server Hardening 10%

India’s Most Loved Linux Training Company for 11 Years


Our Students Speaks for our High Standards in Linux Training!


I have attended RH333 online training. They delivered official RedHat study material on time, started training as per commitment. Online RedHat Training with Alok Sir was simply amazing..shown all practical on virtual labs..also provide recordings of your online sessions, so you have nothing to miss. Very impressed with the training quality of Network NUTS

Alim Baig-USA

The Puppet training has improved my advance skills and in future I am interested in Puppet Enterprise 3.3. This version is using in corporate environment to automate system wide configuration which is an affective tool for all sysadmin. Please keep up this excellent work.

Anurag-Big Data Consultant-USA

I opted for online RHCE & OpenLDAP course from Network NUTS. Truly, I can say that Network NUTS has never compromised on the quality of training…trainers’re very experienced. I can say that they know their stuff very well. They have very organized frameworks. Flexible timings as per the requirements. Training have been very fruitful to my work. I have developed a strong trust on the Network NUTS. Network NUTS has been always my first recommendation to anyone looking for any Linux based training as they never let any negotiation on their trainees’ hope.
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Our Recent Placements

Om Dutt Pathak
Om Dutt PathakLinux Administrator
Course – RHCE | Company – Team Lease India Pvt. Ltd.
Akshi Gupta
Akshi GuptaLinux Administrator
Course – RHCE & RHCVA | Company – Locuz Enterprise Solutions.
Sanjay Singh Negi
Sanjay Singh NegiLinux Administrator
Course – RHCE | Company – Tetra Information Services.

Awards and Accolades!

  • Most Promising Red Hat Certified Training Partner-2006
  • Best Red Hat Certified Training Partner, North India-2007
  • Best Red Hat Certified Training Partner, North India-2008
  • Best Red Hat Certified Training Partner, North India-2011
  • Best Red Hat Certified Training Partner, North India-2012
  • Best Red Hat Certified Training Partner, North India-2013
  • Best Red Hat Certified Training Partner, North India-2014
  • Special Award for Contribution to Red Hat in APAC
  • Most Viewed Linux Video Channel among All Red Hat Training Partners in World
  • Strong Community of Linux Professionals on Facebook Page
  • 87% Passing in First Attempt
  • Dedicated Placement Department. Above 70% Placement Record

Highly Recommended Linux Skills

Based on the regular feedback taken from different companies. These are the most demanded skills by the Industry. Apart from technical skills required to start or move in your career. Good communication skills is must. Reasoning and Aptitude capabilities always add in your net worth. These are the recommended Linux skills as per the feedback by the Industry and will change with time.
Freshers must have a very sound knowledge of Linux fundamentals. They are requested not to cram the commands, but understand the concept. RHCE level of knowledge is must for any fresher to start his/her Linux Administrator career. Give more focus on the first two books of RHCE training. Based on the current feedback, companies are also asking questions related to Bash Shell Scripting, Database and Puppet during interviews. So additional skills of Puppet or Bash Shell scripting will help you getting started, fast.
Linux Admins with 1-2 years of experience are expected to know beyond RHCE. Skills on Linux Virtualization (RHCVA) and Securing Linux Servers (Red Hat Server Hardening) and LDAP (OpenLDAP) are most demanded from experienced Linux Engineers. Knowledge of “Configuration Management Tools” like Puppet will always give an edge.
With Your level of experience you should be trying to position yourself at a “Senior” or “Expert” level of job profile. Sound knowledge of Cloud Infrastructure Management (OpenStack), Cloud Storage , knowledge of Monitoring Tools like Nagios is a must. You should be focusing on complete infrastructure management skills rather than a single server management skills.
With 4+ years of Linux Administration career. Linux skills related to Performance Tuning, Linux HA Clusters, SAN Storage and managing Red Hat Satellite Server is desired. You should focus on getting RHCA Certification to prove your capabilities. It will also help you move to Architect Level in Linux Administration.

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With our high standards in Red Hat Linux Training, dedicated team of Linux trainers, exclusive RedHat Certification preparation classes and updated infrastructure. We are proudly producing maximum number of RedHat Certified Professionals in North India since last 7 years.

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