Cloud and DevOps go hand in hand – while you can have one without another, they are much stronger when applied together.  It’s a classic case where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Infrastructure as Code is required for successful cloud implementation.

DevOps = IaC + CI/CD + SRE

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Learn the technologies in blue first (Linux|Python|AWS), then if time permits or job market demands, go after the purple stuff (Golang|Google Cloud)

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Once you have the Foundation layer reasonably figured out, move onto the real-world set of skills.

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Also, please remember, we are not after learning a whole bunch of unrelated techno-babble here.

DevOps = IaC + CI/CD + SRE

#1 – IaC (Infrastructure as Code)
Infrastructure automation to define, review, version and manage applications, pipelines and infrastructure as code. Automated IT processes such as asset management, change management, configuration management, application deployments, security policies, network management, and more.

#2 – CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment)
The key to winning with software is being able to deploy that software continuously to users.

#3 – SRE Operations
Automated change management, performance monitoring, scaling, security configuration, cloud cost monitoring and optimization. Stack automation templates for cloud environments are implemented with built-in compliance, security, and best practices.

Cloud and DevOps practitioners are among the highest paid IT professionals today, and the market demand for them is growing rapidly because organizations using DevOps practices are overwhelmingly high-functioning. According to a very recent report published by Puppetlabs: State Of Devops Report, organizations using devOps approach deploy code up to 30 times more frequently than their competitors, and 50 percent fewer of their deployments fail.

In the last two years, listings for DevOps jobs on increased 75 percent. On, mentions of DevOps as a skill increased 50 percent. In a recent survey by Puppetlabs, half of their 4,000-plus respondents (in more than 90 countries) said their companies consider DevOps skills when hiring.

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