Oracle VM Server Administration .

 Oracle VM Server Administration course explores building the infrastructure for open cloud computing. Learn how to support enterprise applications by deploying pooled server resources to create virtual machines. Oracle VM offers a complete lifecycle compute stack virtualization. This course delivers the skill to help you consolidate the server foot print, while acquiring the tools to deploy or consolidate application workloads to a virtualized environment or migrate to a open cloud infrastructure

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Oracle VM Server administration course is emphasis on ease of deployment and management of Oracle applications, you’ll also learn to create server pools to take advantage of your existing storage and networking infrastructure. This will seamlessly manage storage from a central location using Oracle VM Storage Connect. Using features like anti-affinity groups and Dynamic Resource Scheduling policy, you’ll implement and manage the inter-connections between the virtual machines running your multi-tier enterprise applications.

Duration: 32 hours

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Exam Codes 1Z0-590
Exam Title Oracle VM 3.0 for x86 Essentials
Number of Questions 72
Type of Questions MULTIPLE CHOICE
Length of Test 120 Minutes
Passing Score 61%
Exam Price INR 10,265.00 *
Languages English

Introducing Oracle VM with Oracle VM Server for x86

What is Server Virtualization
Advantages and Challenges of Server Virtualization
Oracle VM within Server Virtualization Landscape
Components and architecture of Oracle VM
Features of Oracle VM
Benefits of Oracle VM

Planning and Installation

Installation Planning
Hardware and Software Requirements
Network and Storage Planning
Installation Options and Processes
Postinstallation Tasks
Upgrading Oracle VM Server for x86 Servers

Managing Servers and Networks

Discovering Oracle VM Servers
Managing Oracle VM Servers
Understanding Network Functions
Creating Network Bonds, VLANs, VLAN Interfaces
Creating and Managing Networks

Managing Storage

Storage Types and Functions
Storage Connect Framework
Discovering File Server and SAN Server
Managing Storage Elements
Creating and Cloning Physical Disks

Server Pools and Repositories

Server Pool Functions and Policies
Distributed Resource Scheduling and Dynamic Power Management
Server Pool Design
Creating Server Pools
Creating and Populating Repositories
Cloning Virtual Disks

Managing Virtual Machines

Virtual Machine Components
PVM and HVM Guests
Installing Guest Operating Systems
Speeding Deployment with Templates and Virtual Appliances
Cloning of Virtual Machines and Templates
High Availability Feature
Virtual Machine Console
Migrating Virtual Machines and using Anti-Affinity Groups


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