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Terraform Training gives you skills on Infrastructure as Code (IAC). Infrastructure as Code is a key aspect of the DevOps movement, and this course will show you how to transform the way you work with your infrastructure—by treating it as software. Terraform is a tool used to efficiently build, configure, and improve the production infrastructure. It can manage the existing infrastructure as well as create custom in-house solutions. Our terraform training course work around AWS. So working knowledge of AWS is essential for this course.

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Terraform training course teaches you when and how to implement infrastructure as a code practices with Terraform. It covers everything necessary to set up the complete management of infrastructure with Terraform, starting with the basics of using providers and resources. You will start with very small infrastructure templates and gradually learn to manage complex systems. It focuses on how to set up continuous integration for the infrastructure code.

Duration: 16 hours

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Infrastructure Automation

What is Infrastructure as Code and why is it needed?
Declarative versus procedural tools for Infrastructure as Code
Infrastructure as Code in the Cloud
Requirements for infrastructure provisioner

Deploying First Server

Preparing work environment
The many Terraform providers
Short introduction to AWS
Using Elastic Compute Cloud
Configuring AWS provider
Creating an EC2 instance with Terraform
Working with state
Handling resource updates
Destroying everything

Resource Dependencies and Modules

Creating an AWS Virtual Private Cloud
Understanding dependency graph
Terraform graphs
Controlling dependencies with depends_on and ignore_changes
Making sense of our template
Removing duplication with modules
Configuring modules
Retrieving module data with outputs
Using root module outputs

Storing and Supplying Configuration

Understanding variables
Configuring data sources
Exploring Terraform configuration resources
Taking a quick look at Consul

Connecting with Other Tools

Returning data with outputs
Testing servers with Inspec
Reprovisioning machines with null_resource

Scaling and Updating Infrastructure

Counting servers
Bringing in high availability
Load balancing and simulating conditionals
Immutable infrastructure
Baking images with Packer
Rolling out AMI upgrades with Terraform
Refreshing infrastructure
Importing resources

Collaborative Infrastructure

Version control with Git
Moving templates to Git
Protecting secrets in a Git repository
Storing state files remotely
Connecting remote states together
Storing modules remotely
Moving infrastructure updates to the CI pipeline
Integration testing of Terraform modules

Future of Terraform

Infrastructure as code and Terraform replacements
Learning AWS and compiling Terraform
Provisioning and configuration management
Immutable infrastructure
Collaboration and CI/CD
The many tools around Terraform
The rapid development of Terraform


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