DevOps Puppet Server Training.

Organizations looking for faster deployments treat infrastructure like software: as code that can be managed with the same tools and processes software developers use, such as version control, continuous integration, code review and automated testing. These let you make infrastructure changes more easily, rapidly, safely and reliably.

Describing your infrastructure as code with Puppet Enterprise lets you deliver software much more reliably, too. That’s because configurations are consistently tested, shared and promoted across all your environments, from dev laptops through test to production.

Puppet gives you an automatic way to inspect, deliver, operate and future-proof all of your infrastructure and deliver all of your applications faster. Puppet helps you:

  • Start automating easy with no prerequisites or Puppet knowledge using an agentless, task based approach.
  • Discover what you have in your cloud, containers and on premises and what software runs on them.
  • Quickly move from one-off management of the state of resources to ongoing state management to enforce consistency and changes across the data center and cloud platforms.
  • Get the visualization and reporting you need to make key decisions or support compliance initiatives.
  • Deploy applications faster with greater control and visibility for the entire development team.

Working knowledge of Linux. Linux administrator skills. RHCSA / RHCE certification or equivalent level of knowledge.

Linux Administrators who wish you move into DevOps for change or career growth.

  • Introduction to Configuration Management
  • Agent less and Agent based configuration management tools
  • Puppet Server vs Ansible vs Chef
  • Introduction to Puppet
  • Installing Puppet Server & Agent
  • Understanding site.pp
  • Taking help in Puppet
  • Puppet Resources
  • Writing Puppet Manifests
  • Puppet Classes
  • Writing Puppet Modules
  • Applying Nodes Specific Configuration
  • Puppet Dependencies
  • Tasks & Templates
  • Conditions in Puppet
  • Integration with GIT
  • Reporting & Troubleshooting
  • Puppet Bolt
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With more than 40,000 organizations worldwide using Puppet, including more than 75 percent of the Fortune 100, Puppet is the de facto standard for automating the delivery and ongoing operation of hybrid infrastructure. Customers says they collaborate better, deliver software faster, and have fewer failures when they use Puppet.

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