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Star Android Programming Training Certification. With Android phones being produced by all of the major phone manufacturers and with the addition of new tablet devices, it’s no surprise that the Android platform is the fastest growing mobile development platform in the world. In this course, you will learn to develop Android applications using Java and the Eclipse development environment. You will learn basic application development including using the Android mobile camera, working with geo-location tools, and playing audio and video files.

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Star Android Programming is a comprehensive training program on Kotlin for Android development. The program helps the learners acquire a fundamental understanding of Android programming and its various components in detail. It is a must have for mobile application development enthusiasts who want to understand the finer nuances of the dynamic development that is synonymous with Android programming.

Duration: 60 hours

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Exam Codes Android S07-115
Launch Date May 01 2017
Number of Questions 60
Type of Questions MULTIPLE CHOICE
Length of Test 120 Minutes
Passing Score 70%
Recommended Experience Java Skills
Languages English
  1. Introduction to Kotlin Programming Language
  2. Classes and Objects in Kotlin
  3. Functions and Lambdas in Kotlin
  4. Advanced Concepts in Kotlin
  5. Java Versus Kotlin
  6. Introduction to Android 8.0
  7. Starting Development with Android Development Tools: Android Studio
  8. Exploring Basics of Android Application Components
  9. Exploring and Designing Android UI
  10. Using Views to Handle Images, Listview and Menu
  11. Implementing Data Persistence
  12. Gathering Location Data
  13. Implementing Graphics and Animations in Android
  14. Integrating Media in Android
  15. Interacting with Camera and Input Gestures
  16. Managing Background Tasks
  17. SMS and Email in Android
  18. Connectivity in Android
  19. Exploring Sensors
  20. Networking in Android
  21. Deployment of Android Application on Google Play
  22. Android P (Pie)
  23. Labs


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