Star HTML Training.

Star HTML Training certification is a comprehensive program that equips candidates with the fundamentals of HTML, advanced HTML and CSS. The course is best suited for web designers, web/mobile app developers, and web application developers. With the constantly changing web technology landscape, there’s a growing need to develop search-engine friendly pages. More and more companies are seeking trained HTML professionals who can make the website accessible to a huge audience.

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html training delhi

The Star HTML Training certification program helps learners acquire a fundamental understanding of web development, the key role HTML plays in web development. The course provides the learners in-depth knowledge about creating a webpage, understanding the various elements in the structure of a webpage such as title, header, body, paragraph, and footer. The course then discusses advance concepts lists, links, tables, forms, multimedia, geolocation, web storage and application cache. This course also covers designing webpages with CSS3 to format, style and animate various elements of the webpage.

Duration: 40 hours

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Exam Codes HTML S07-112
Launch Date Apr 01 2016
Number of Questions 60
Type of Questions MULTIPLE CHOICE
Length of Test 120 Minutes
Passing Score 70%
Recommended Experience Beginner
Languages English
  1. Introduction to Web Development
  2. Designing Your First Web Page in HTML5
  3. Creating Lists and Links in HTML 5
  4. Creating Tables in HTML5
  5. Creating Forms in HTML
  6. Adding Media in Your Web Page
  7. Designing with CSS
  8. Animating with CSS
  9. Using JavaScript with HTML
  10. Using jQuery with HTML
  11. Responsive Web Designing
  12. Deploying the Website on Web Server
  13. Best Practices


Lab 1 – Creating a Simple Web Page
Lab 2 – Using Hyperlinks
Lab 3 – Using Background Colour & Align Property of CSS
Lab 4 – Using Formatting Attributes
Lab 5 – Using Quotation and Citation Tags
Lab 6 – Enhancing Page Look with CSS Properties
Lab 7 – Using Image Link & Float Property in CSS
Lab 8 – Using the Bookmark Link on a Page
Lab 9 – Using HTML Tables to Show a Mark Sheet
Lab 10 – Using Nested List to Show Index
Lab 11 – Designing a Horizontal Menu with

Lab 12 – Designing HTML Layout and Using


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