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Python is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages in the world. In fact, Python has surpassed Java to become the first-choice for developers in data science, AI and machine learning market. It is easy-to-use and versatile. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Netflix use Python to generate insights from data and build ground-breaking products. The Star Python 3 is a comprehensive training program that introduces learners to the Python development language, the essentials of object-oriented programming, and web development. The purpose of this program is to teach the student how to program in Python and prepare for a career in data science, AI, machine learning, and deep learning.

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Star Python 3 starts from the basics and gives a holistic view of the Python programming language, detailing all the aspects of Python from data types, to statements, loops, arrays, strings and functions, further to classes, objects and other important OOP concepts like inheritance, polymorphism and more. Advanced concepts like connecting to databases, interacting with networks and handling concurrency are also discussed to give the learners a wholistic view of the Python development capabilities

Duration: 40 hours

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Exam Codes PYTHON S07-114
Launch Date May 01 2017
Number of Questions 70
Type of Questions MULTIPLE CHOICE
Length of Test 120 Minutes
Passing Score 70%
Recommended Experience Not Required
Languages English
  1. Python: An Introduction
  2. Creating Your First Program in Python
  3. Data Types: Classifying Data in Python
  4. Implementing Input and Output Operations
  5. Operators: Performing Logical and Mathematical Operations
  6. Statements: Controlling the Flow of Program
  7. Strings: A Sequence of Characters
  8. Arrays: Arranging Similar Objects Systematically
  9. Implementing Functions in Python
  10. Lists and Tuples: Managing Data Systematically
  11. Dictionaries and Other Data Structures
  12. Recursion and Algorithms in Python
  13. Implementing OOPs Concepts, Classes and Objects
  14. Implementing Inheritance in Python
  15. Implementing Polymorphism in Python
  16. Interfaces and Abstraction in Python
  17. Creating a GUI Using Python
  18. Handling Files I/O
  19. Connecting to a Database in Python
  20. Handling Errors and Exceptions
  21. Regular Expressions
  22. Interacting with Networks
  23. Handling Concurrency Using Threads
  24. Handling Numbers, Dates and Time
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